This gave me a sense of what the first disciples may have experienced as they followed and learned from Jesus together.

'The Way' Participant

How I think about God, how I think about myself – that's all changed.

'On Fire' Participant

It helped me identify wounds that I didn't know existed...I understand better the freedom that God desires for each one of us, and by accepting the graces He wants to give I have found encouragement and healing.

'The Way' Participant

I've been through every program and this is totally different. The self assessment and faith sharing in the community have blown us all away.

'On Fire' Participant

It's an intimate fellowship that I have not seen much of in the Catholic Church...I was deeply impacted by this fantastic opportunity.

'The Way' Participant

Formation at the heart of the Christian experience.

Christian formation integrates a person’s knowledge of the faith with self-awareness around one’s unique gifting, growth in Christian virtue, a rich prayer life in communion with God, as well as ongoing discernment about a person’s call to mission.

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Declutter your soul.

The first step to being a witness isn’t going out.

Discipleship begins by going within.

Three places we can meet you on your personal journey:

The Way

On Fire

Your Mission

Some journeys change your life.

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